sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011

A Better World

"In some remote corner of the universe scintillating, scattered in innumerable solar systems, there was once a star on which clever animals invented knowledge.
It was the arrogant and deceitful minute of "world history": but, after all, was only a minute.
After a brief breath of nature the star came back rigid and intelligent animals had to die. "
F. Nietzsche, On Truth and Lies in extra-moral sense

A part of our life passes in dreams, desires and utopias. Another is consumed to keep present. Also, something within us, looking to leave a legacy as a testimony of our presence in the world of the living. For some, leaving descendants, some other photos, some writing or some material good, the mission is accomplished. The simplicity of life experiences gave them for that. For others, the meaning of life and beyond as living beings on this planet, happens to make sincere contributions to improve the world we live in and create databases that allow us to move towards a better world for ours and other species .

Is it possible to create a better world from this?

A better world is a dynamic construction and permanent as a generation, even if we disperse a culture of haste, the administration of a present that adsorbs much of our energies, is the strong commitment to continuity of life, not we ignore, or forget.

To help change things for you is not exclusive to scientists, teachers, philosophers, poets or statesmen. You from its modest trench life, you can do your part. Defending the environment, protect their species, planting trees, curbing over-consumption, environmental education, among others, is a way to get to work to make that world better happen. Anything we can do from now, will be the true mark.

At the end of the cycle, this wonderful pilgrimage the Earth, we say when we ask ourselves in retrospect what we did to make this world better?. Hopefully you, dear reader, along with many others can say that if we contribute to improve our one world.

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