viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

How to be an environmentalist and not die trying to be

Being an environmentalist at a Latin American country where the public agenda is crowded with unresolved social problems, is definitely a reckless act, not to say almost heroic. Still, where seemingly everything is against, to reconsider the living on this planet is in the hands of environmentalists.

Then, write these lines in case a bold reader decides to consider joining us in this crusade, almost quixotic, to aspire to live in harmony, peace and tranquillity of knowing that we make will not harm anyone, and that no one. It includes other species than human.

An environmentalist has as a life mission re-imagining the world, understand and do understand that all species that inhabit it are entitled to life, and even at the last second or beat, must defend tenaciously. Accept the existence of "other" is the first commitment, and we must have to understand and respect. The "other" may be a person who thinks differently to us, with different religions, creeds and races. But it also may be the different animal species, ecosystems, habitats and living things on Earth with us.

The environmental cause, misunderstood and often ridiculed or underestimated, is a ministry, a missionary attitude, which has as its reason for being, raise awareness, reflection on the environment, our communities, or where it has a chance to interact with others to discuss the many challenges in today's environment is hurting the city, state, country or continent.

And how can we help raise the environmental awareness?

The individual example is the first step. And all it refers to ask to be better citizens, better people. Learn to appreciate that even in countries like ours, are privileged, because we have drinking water, some services unimaginable to many people in the world and this everyday seems irrelevant, is a treasure. But then, that we are aware, that this goodness can access the sum of daily consumption of food, fuel, among other things, resulted in turn in a large production of waste, emission of gases into the atmosphere, water served that beyond our homes, seep into aquifers, rivers and seas, having an impact on the environment.

Environment inhabited by other communities are also human who will be directly affected, but control the over consumption. To learn and explain, that nature has a network communicating that any uncontrolled or environmental damage done by us anywhere on the planet, oceans and continents impact from the North Pole to Patagonia. Climate change, global warming, decreasing the ozone layer, environmental pollution, and ceased to be words or phrases far and each day we are closer or more to impact our daily lives.

How to activate in environmental causes?

One way to participate, to feel useful to our effort is to motivate and motivate you to organize and help shape volunteer or environmental groups, environmental brigades school, high school students, university, community or civic and creatively to make us feel. Make each of the environmental problems around us, a collective reflection. It's a start.

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