jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Latin American environmentalist beyond ideologies

Latin America has been very unfortunate copying the political European models. In short, everything that we are copying goes wrong, prone to bad. We were happy, before the arrival of men on horseback to the mainland. We came from venerate the nature to be monarchists. Then, at times be republicans, capitalist, nationalist, christian socialists, social democrats, socialists pure communist utopian or classic imperialist, anti-imperialist or pro-someone, because something we have to be, due to we find very hard to be ourselves. And not being comfortable with the known failures of these approaches (and several of them have 100 years of "test"), the creativity gave us many of these wrinkled resurgence ideologies, placing them as a novelty item or "fashion" that now are from the XXI century. It means that we relaunched "the brand."

Europeans concludes that the world has been better in this supposed distinction between right and left. The italian philosopher named Norberto Bobbio, has been reiterative to say that the old left winger state had privileged the equality (which failed) on freedom (which was trampled). Where the traditional right winger has been continuously arguing that what matters is the freedom (which always is looking to be controlled), due to the equality, as well as is unattainable, it is undesirable as it closes the passage to the economical forces in the market. And the new left winger has argued the need to combine freedom with equality.

The English sociologist Anthony Giddens, express that the old left winger ideas are obsolete, and the new right winger have also failed. While holding the division of left-right winger is insufficient because it ignores vital issues, recognizes that refuses to disappear. Not enough to appeal to a center-left winger to solve problems, as there are issues that need radical policies. He concluded that static socialism and neoliberalism, globalization has failed. In short, this plate of idelogical spaghetti is known only by the Europeans.

America as a continent, and brings in their genes environmentalist worldview that comes from their indigenous ancestors, and in the twentieth century, the first actions they perform with courage to defend nature, arising from the rear of Greenpeace in Vancouver in Western Canada. Hippies environmentalists, drew world attention to the protest with independence, uncompromising partisan or ideological links with existing nuclear testing in the Pacific. The founders were forcing to refuge in Europe due to the intolerance and harassment of those who ruled this country for the time. It was too suspicious, in the Cold War, protest to defend the planet.

The environmental proposal, not the third way, neither is the new suit a left or a right that clouded their electoral bids. Nor is a sector a new religion. It is the only way to appreciate life. Live new realities that require new strategies cries. Is to rethink about change our social sectarian contract to a natural contract. Require global ethical codes. Change the conservative "common sense" for an environmental sense.

The human being has the ability to reinvent himself and the planet requires that metamorphosis. Being an environmentalist means respecting coexistence among ourselves, in harmony with all species and protect our only home, Earth. But just as a compromised position, firm and activist. Do not act like the ostrich with the risk of misunderstanding or puts his head in a hole to escape reality.

Protect us as kind and nature, is the challenge.

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