martes, 7 de junio de 2011

My sister Surena and the environment

My sister Surena is a year older than me and was born with a disability; one that is safe and secure in the heritage of my family when the time comes that my mother is no longer able to care for her . It has been decided that because I am the brother closest to her that I will be the one who takes custody and guarantees that she will enjoy the last stages of her existence with the highest quality of life that my hands can provide. She is defenseless, therefore I must care for and protect her to the last day that my body is capable of living.
However paradoxically her disability helped her to develop a wisdom to exist, not for practical life as hers is a spiritual wisdom. She has always been present with me everyday and I feel that even though we may be thousands of miles apart, she is at my side eternally. Caring and loving. Learning to appreciate the significance of my sister’s unique existence, has allowed me to appreciate life.
The environment is like my sister Surena, fragile and in need of protection. It is also vulnerable (disabled) because it cannot help itself, most ecosystems have already lost their ability to regenerate.
It’s hard to say at which point it happened, but we’ve lost our sense of belonging towards the planet. Affection, by nature, has become incomprehensible to us. Our capacity to love is castrated, and now our ability is only just enough to give some affection for those closest to our species.
The environment is an area full of paths or roads, fields or towns, wind, rain or sunshine. Sometimes there is a mountain, foothills, hills, or mountain ranges, rivers, lakes or seas. Trees or wild foliage. Occasionally stray dogs and birds fluttering. Sometimes heat or cold. For many, there is nothing more than that.
For the ancient Greeks Thea Gaia (Earth) was a goddess, defined by the playwright Sophocles, as the most sublime of the goddesses, in his play Antigone.
The environment or nature or Earth the "Blue Planet" gives all living beings our greatest privilege to serve. It is the beginning of every trip, and all travels to the end the cycle. At times that can last for years or only minutes. It is the most essential and unconditional that we have. Transcends our own existence and crosses over other lives. Conditions so perfect that it gives creation. To appreciate all that the environment represents, is to deserve to live . Protecting nature’s life force is like protecting my sister, to me it means strengthening the sense of life

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