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Yoga, Tai Chi, ancient cultures,environmentalists? An interview with Egilda Yoga instructor.

Egilda Parra has had a professional career as a teacher for over thirty years. She is currently a Naturopath (natural medicine practitioner). During the last twenty years she has been dedicated to teaching Hatha - Yoga, a branch of Yoga that is focused on the preparation of the physical body for the practice of the followers of this discipline, it is an energetic method where the physical and spiritual become integrated. Yoga is a philosophy of life because it internalizes the three basic concepts that are derived from natural medicine to live in health: healthy eating, thinking positive thoughts- modulating the emotions, physical exercise. By implementing these basic foundations of natural medicine, according Egilda, you learn to live in health, wellbeing is gained at the physical, mental and emotional levels. The benefit of Yoga goes beyond the physical because it increases the level of harmony in ones interaction with the environment a product of the physiological changes of an active practice. Endocrine Massage is one of the benefits, balancing hormonal functioning, ie activating the energy that the body needs daily.
Interviewer: Master Egilda , can ancient disciplines such as yoga, Tai Chi, among others, function outside of the environmental reality?
Master Egilda: Breathing integrates mind and body. Breathing is life. Correct breathing calms the mind and controls the emotions. Breathing techniques improve the quality of life. But to obtain these benefits it is necessary to breath unpolluted air and this is only possible when our contact with nature is made in places that are not contaminated. Our discipline is no longer be practiced from an individual perspective, but as a group activity that must be conscious of our responsibililty to the environment. Therefore we could say that that our collective work must have an environmental focus. We need to raise awareness and be witness to the responsibility of the participants in the activities of these practices and in the most fundamental ways to preserve the environment: implementing successful actions to create spaces free from refuse and garbage. We need also to encourage projects to care for plants, conservation of vegetation, in harmony and balance with the environment.
Interviewer: Master Egilda, Is living in health then closely related to quality of the environment?
Master Egilda : The practice of these exercises is often supplemented by medical treatment because today the health sciences recognize that for many diseases, including arthritis, bone or heart ailments, exercise contributes to healing. That is, in addition to our maintaining our personal wellbeing, acoomplished through healing ailments and cures. However, there can be no healing or quality of life if we exercise in polluted environments.
Interviewer: Master Egilda what would your message be to help raise awareness about this assault of the Planet Earth that we live on?
Master Egilda : Learning to love, caring for and respecting nature and all beings of creation. Let us ask forgiveness for our assault of the planet and as part of this forgiveness raise awareness of the responsibility that we each have to contribute to a better world to live in.
By Lenin Cardozo / Edith Regier

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  1. Buen reconocimiento a la practica de esta milenaria disciplina qu no solo ayuda al cuerpo sino a la mente y a la perpetuidad del espiritu de Egilda.