jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

In 2030, hard currency will be a liter of water of western and Chinese rice bowl

Everything indicates that in 20 years, barter is one of the strongest economic systems, especially in the sharing of food and drinking water. Hence, the dollar and the euro will stop being the most prized in the West to be displaced per liter of drinking water, as well, the rice bowl of 700 grams, which displace the Japanese yen and Chinese Yuan, as Asia's leading currencies.
The powers in is greater firepower war, controlling for the little reservoir of fresh water, remaining in each of the continents. A trickle, the ration to stop more than three billion new people hungry by then will be born, and again, maximize their economic and marital exchange of this new wealth, being the sole possessors of this resource. Direct result of melting polar ice will increase the water of the oceans and cause the penetration of salt in fresh water bodies. These coastal flooding will be intensified to such a degree that is presumed demise of the Pacific islands, causing massive displacement of its residents to the continents. That is, in Asia will have less land for cultivation, and more people looking for land to inhabit?
Rice will be controlled mainly by China, and in the exchange market will be the bowl of 600 grams, the equivalent for the meal of a family of 3 per day and will impose itself as the strongest currency of food. It is estimated that even though the region produces about 1000 million tones by 2030, these volumes are not sufficient to satisfy part of the global famine broke out. Russia, meanwhile, fought to impose the Bread of 500 grams as the currency of food is they producers of wheat, but can only use in their area of influence, because it covered only with great insecurity, demand the region and the countries of its orbit. The Latin American continent, to be develop its own currency exchange or barter and call him a bowl of beans, 300 grams. The mitigate hunger in Latin America than in other parts of the world, thanks to that bowl of beans to save us. At least some will have to eat beans.
Africa, the continent will become a hostage. Migration out of that vast territory banned. The famine and lack of potable water to the continent scourged. Military technology and its borders were closed. Will be the biggest ghetto in is 21st century. The continent is excluded from the global communications, in order to reduce the anxiety of their people to seek new life expectancy.
So things will be in 2030.
Keywords: continent hostage, beans, save us, 20 years is nothing. Put more attention to environmental problems and take statements.

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