domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

August 10th World Day for the Protection of the Esequibo

On August 10th the international campaign starts: In the Esequibo Exxon NO !! and thus it declared as the World Day for the Protection of the Esequibo.

Hundreds of environmental and social organizations were convened by social networks to campaign starts Foundation "Blue Environmentalists" in defense of one of the last places on earth that still preserves virgin, almost unexplored by human hands. A natural lung sanctuary single original flora and fauna of the territory.

Esequibo intervene to exploit serious oil to the equatorial region. The greed of a few can not be above the present and future of many: human and nonhuman. Sumate join us and spread through social networks this action of environmentalists, conservationists and environmentalists the world.

This natural treasure, the great earthly paradise of South America is sentenced by greed.
Tell them together to anti planets: In the Exxon Esequibo NO !!

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