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Environmentalist Manifesto

The era of the "systems" has passed.
The time of the construction of the form
essential of beings from the truth
the being has not arrived yet ...

M. Heidegger, Contributions to philosophy.

costasvenezuela2At seven billion humans, accounted for United at the start of the second decade of the twenty-first century, which will be born during the next few years, all living beings other than human race, who from now on "apellidaremos" means humánidos, that being the animal or plant kingdom, we accompany an essential way - why we give our name - in the fantasy adventure on planet Earth.

We are categorical in defining environmentalism today as the sacred respect for the gift of life, the legacy for those who will come. It is the reward with the deepest love our two mothers, biological and natural (Mother Earth). The recognition of those who have been our parents: trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, sky. Is to protect nonhuman brothers: invertebrates, vertebrates, amphibians, the plant kingdom. You ask forgiveness for those who have been killed or stolen to be stretched out life. It is the struggle for life that gives meaning to life. It is the opposite of cruelty, greed. It is the path of spiritual peace, without guilt. It is the last utopia.

An environmental mission of life re-imagine the world, understand and understand that all species that inhabit it are entitled to life, even at the last second or beat, we must defend tenaciously. Accepting the existence of the "other" is the first commitment. Which we understand and respect. The "other" may be a person who thinks differently to us, with different religions, social status, race. But there are embedded, of course, different animals, plants, ecosystems, habitats, water, air, earth on which we walk every day species.

franciasequia2Environmentalist thought believe in America, America launched the world's SOS environmentalism. America as a continent, brings in their genes an environmentalist worldview that comes from their indigenous ancestors, and in the twentieth century, the first actions boldly interpreted the defense of nature, arising from the rear of Greenpeace in Vancouver, west Canada. Environmentalists Hippies, attracted the attention of the world to protest independent, nonpartisan commitments or linkages with existing ideologies, nuclear testing in the Pacific. Then intolerance and harassment of those who ruled the country at the time, forced the majority of its founders to take refuge in Europe. It was too suspicious, during the Cold War, protest to defend the planet.

The environmental proposal is no third way, nor is it the new suit of a left or a right are diminished their election bids. Nor, is a sect or a new religion. Today is the only way to value life. We live new realities that require new strategies screams. Is rethinking a change in our social contract sectarian inclusive natural contract. We require global ethics codes. Change that conservative "common sense" for an environmental sense.

energia_eolicaThe human being has the ability to reinvent himself and the planet requires that metamorphosis, the intelligence to combine efforts and specific, general, own, learned or empirical knowledge, but all with a common goal, to preserve the Earth. Being an environmentalist is a committed, firm and activist stance. Is not act like an ostrich, which before the misunderstanding or danger sticks his head in a hole, to escape reality. Protecting species (humanus and humànidos) in nature, is the challenge.

The old struggle between civilization and the Earth, should already radically disappear, replaced by the loving coexistence, equal, mutually aportativa between Earth and civilization (the fertile peace) to safeguard the greatest miracle of the Blue Planet: existence.

In this titanic effort of the best men and women to change the course of destiny of the world, to remove him from future disaster which has led human folly, converge - a scientific, artistic, poetic, philosophical, humanistic level - conservationists who working to protect nature, understood as the diversity of flora and fauna (the defense of an endangered species, for example), the beauty of the natural surroundings, as a privilege enjoyed by the human species, as a place leisure, recreation and contemplation to be respected as has been inherited throughout history; environmentalists who professes ecology as a science, scientists from the natural sciences that study habitats, ecosystems, biomes, etc.

durban11Environmentalists and activists demanding an active, fruitful reciprocity between man and the environment, a generational relationship that is not based on a model of exploitation of resources irrational and destructive. Radicals in defending the right to life of all species.

This manifesto concludes with the proposal of the five general primary doings to materialize environmental action:

1. Release the space we inhabit: the house or apartment where possible environmental contamination (prepare the waste for recycling, saving energy, manage well the water, keep the ornament, etc.)
2. Monitor the urban sector where we live revitalize green spaces (gardens, islands avenues, squares, parks, etc). Report cans white and sewage. Attacking the sonic pollution, etc.
3. Press: every citizen profile environmentalist has enough to carry levels of government (mayors, city councils, state legislative councils, governments, ministries, etc.) their proposals, complaints, suggestions etc.
4. Disclose: environmentalist must use all means at its disposal informative (print, radio, television, social networks, classrooms, university spaces, etc.) to carry out all that was stated in the foregoing sections and so as new input and ideas, anyway.
5. The policy tool: the environmental assume if necessary, firm political functions to defend the environment. Without fear.

Environmentalists the world, we commit ourselves through this manifesto to meet the seven sacred actions to save the Earth: Planting trees protects animals and flora, enjoying the pleasure of air, water respects administers the fire, love earth and Mother Earth, values life.

Defend with all the strength of our muscles, our thinking, our feeling of country where we were born and the Motherland We return to the journey through the abyss of eternity, the Blue Planet, Earth.

Lenin Cardozo / Lubio Cardozo

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